Buying a Domain

Posted in Domain on Jan 18, 2016

The first step to create a website is to buy a domain.

If a domain is not registered by anyone, you can buy and register it. Normally, a domain cost around HKD65 to HKD200 per year.

For .com / .net / .org, you can buy the domain in

For .hk /, you can buy the domain in

This tutorial will focus on every step you will go through when we are buying a domain through

1. Go to

2. Search for a domain you like. If it is available, you can buy it

3. Click continue to cart. They will ask you if you need additional services, like email/server....just ignore all of them. As you only need the domain name right now.

4. Click continue to cart again. Choose the number of year you want to buy for the domain. Then click checkout.

5. After the payment. You will receive an email with the domain account information, with a domain login/password. All done!

After buying a domain, you may want to link it up to Whost. Please visit to see how to link up the domain and server.