I have nothing and I want to build a site.How can I start?

Posted in For Beginners on May 26, 2016

Before starting to build a website, you need to setup the environment first. There are 4 things you need to do in general:

  1. Buy a domain
  2. Buy a server
  3. Link the domain and the server together
  4. (Optional) Install Wordpress

1. Buy a domain

Please visit http://mtache.com/whost/post/buying-domain to see how to buy a domain.

2. Buy a server

Please visit http://mtache.com/whost/post/how-can-i-buy-server-whost to see how to buy a server in Whost.

3. Link up the domain and server

Please visit http://mtache.com/whost/post/link-domain-and-server to see how to link up the domain and server.

4. Install Wordpress

Please visit http://mtache.com/whost/post/how-can-i-install-wordpress to see how to install wordpress.

Once you have done the above 4 things, you have an environment that you can start building your own website.