Link up the domain and server

Posted in Domain, Server on May 10, 2016

After you buy the domain and the server. It's time to link them together. As this process may be more technical, you can choose to leave this task to us. Once your account is confirmed, just email, send us your domain account information and we will handle everything for you.

Of course, if you want to learn to do it by yourself, here is the tutorial. We are using Godaddy as an example.

1. Add your domain in the vesta control panel. Go to 'web', and then click the '+' button. For first-time user, we already set it up for you

2. Find out the server IP.

You will receive the server IP in our email, for example:

Mark it down. We will use it later.

3. Go to the DNS setting in your domain panel. For example, we are using godaddy for the domain, so we login to godaddy, and click our domain. And then click DNS settings.

4. Add or edit a 'A record', which the host is '@'. Change 'points to' to the server IP

Host '@' means your web domain, and now it is point to your server IP.

Normally we need to add 2 'A records', one host is '@' and the other is 'www', which means and will both point to your server IP.

A typical setup:

  • Record: A Host:@ Points To: TTL:14400
  • Record: A Host:WWW Points To: TTL:14400

But in this case for godaddy, they already setup a 'CNAME record' which map host '@' to 'www' by default. And they have already setup a 'A record' for host '@' for you. So we just need to edit the 'A record' for host '@'.

5. Click save. Wait for 4-24 hours as it takes time for the DNS propagation. All done!