What make Whost different?
Not only we provide reliable, superfast and managed wordpress hosting to our customers, we also provide face-to-face programming/wordpress coaching, and even bug fixing to our customers. We help you manage your website, make sure it is fast, reliable and secure. We are more like your technical partner, rather then just a service provider.

Why does the website in Whost are so fast?
The answer is our minimalist hosting stack – specifically configured for WordPress and its unique hosting demands. Also, we are using one of the fastest data center in Singapore. Our high performance SSD servers in Singapore is powered by Cisco ASR 9000-series routers, and currently blends transit from Telstra/Pacnet and PCCW, along with direct peering into the Equinix Internet Exchange (EIE) – providing us with access to hundreds of peering opportunities.

What programming languages does your server support?
Our server support HTML/CSS/JS and PHP application. You will receive a control panel which you can manage your FTP accounts, domains and database. For more information, please visit:

How can I use the Help Desk Support if I have issues with the server?
Go to 'My Account' page. And the 'Support Center'. You can contact us through the support system there and our system experts will email back you ASAP.

Apart from the issues with the servers, does the Help Desk offer support for my application?
For professional subscription customers, our Help Desk Support only provides support to your server related issues. We does not offer technical support for application specific issues such as application configuration, bug fixing..etc. But you can come to our face-to-face coaching sessions and we will help you there.

For premium subscription customers, our Help Desk Support offer development/bug fix/content update for one of your wordpress site, at most 2 hours per month. This service is for 1 wordpress site only.

Do you provide email services also?
No. We does not provide email as part of the hosting package. We recommend using Google Apps service for business email usage and amazon SES for system generated emails. For more information, please visit our Resources Section.

How can I attend the face-to-face coaching?
You will need to inform us at least 3 days through the 'Bi-weekly Meetup' session inside the 'My Account' page. Every Thursday at the first and third week of the month, 3pm - 9pm. You can come to Good Lab, L1, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, West Kowloon, Hong Kong. We are here to help.

What does the face-to-face coaching cover?
Wordpress general usage, development, SEO advices...anything you are getting stuck with, just ask us and we are here to help.

If I am not living in Hong Kong, can I attend the face-to-face coaching?
No. Currently this service is only provided in Hong Kong.

What does the bug fixing cover?
Bug fixing is only for premium subscription customers only. We can do development/bug fix/content update for one of your wordpress site, at most 2 hours per month. This service is for 1 wordpress site only.

Moving your site to us

I have nothing and I want to build a site.How can I start?
Please visit: http://mtache.com/whost/post/i-want-build-sitehow-can-i-start

How can I move my site to Whost?
Please visit: http://mtache.com/whost/post/how-can-i-move-my-site-whost

Do you provide free migration?
Yes! Just drop us an email after purchase of service. We can do all the migration for you. But we do keep the right to refuse to provide this service if your application doesn't meet our standard.

Billing & Account Management

How do you accept payments?
We only accept Paypal for all the subscription payment. If you do not have a Paypal account, you will be asked to create a Paypal account with your credit card in the payment page. Your paypal account will be charged every month.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes! Just go to 'Your Account' page, and then click 'Cancel Account'. You paypal subscription will be canceled within 24 hours. Your server will still be available until the end of your payment terms.

Is there a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee?
Yes! Within 30 days of the purchase of your subscription, you may cancel your account and we will refund the full amount you paid upon request. This guarantee is not applicable when you have use our free migration/bug fixing/face-to-face meetup services.